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  Pastor Rick Everhart  
  Pastor Rick and Besse EverhartHello and welcome to our website!

Please allow me to share with you a few things about our family and our ministry here at Fellowship Baptist.

I was saved at the age of seven on a Sunday morning following a V. B. S. in Tallahassee, Florida. I was, however, raised in an "unchurched " environment and did not experience any real growth as a Christian until the age of seventeen when I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to begin reading a Bible and to find a church to attend. God in His divine providence led me to a small Missionary Baptist church. This is where my life took on drastic changes. The long hair came off, drugs, booze and even cigarettes were taken out of my life. Hundreds of dollars of rock albums and tapes (remember the old eight tracks?) were destroyed. I truly became… "A new creature in Christ"…

In 1979, God put His hand on me and called me into the ministry. After hoping it would go away, I finally surrendered to His call. Later on in the same little church I met and married my wife Bess. My wife fell under conviction at the age of ten and was led to the lord by a faithful man of God whose name is Pastor Auburn Martin. By the way, he now at almost ninety years old is the associate pastor here at Fellowship and is still going strong for the Lord! At thirteen years old, my wife went down at a revival meeting and surrendered her life to be used by God, however he would, even as a preacher's wife!

Well, since those days, there have been many struggles for sure, but God has also greatly blessed the Everhart family. We have been blessed by almost twenty four years of a wonderful marriage and four wonderful sons and a precious daughter-in-law.

We have been here as pastor for almost fifteen years now and have seen the Lord do great things for us here at Fellowship Baptist! We have seen many come and go, and we have had to bury many precious loved ones in the Lord through these years, but the Lord just keeps blessing this work!

In an ever-changing world I'm glad our God never changes! He is faithful. If you are ever in Tullahoma, stop by and see us, if you can.

God bless you,
Bro. Rick Everhart

Pastor Rick Everhart
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